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Aya's Ark is Launched

Aya's Ark Organization was founded in 2015. After a successful fundraising effort in 2016, the organization was launched,  fulfilling the dream of a young Middle Eastern girl,  who overcame a life of pain and poverty. Now, as a young woman living in the United States, Aya Alhindi is helping impoverished children by improving their lives.

She has created Aya's Ark to support orphaned and handicapped children with the basic necessities, such as: clothing, blankets, toys, educational aids, transportation, medical attention and financial assistance.

"Do not thank us, Thank God." ~ Aya

Children are the most important part of Aya’s Ark Organization. Through her experience, Aya realizes that fostering healthy relationships with children requires gaining their trust. Without trust, children are less willing and able to receive the care that is being offered to them. They must be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. For their own well-being, every effort must be made to get kids onboard and cooperating with efforts made on their behalf.

Your gift matters now more than ever before. ~ Aya's Ark

Getting kids onboard with Aya's Ark