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Aya's Ark made me live with my freedom when they gave me the wheelchair, Aya's Ark checks on me every week, 


Love you Aya's Ark


"When Aya's Ark visited me the first time. I  knew I'll have my wheelchair. No one helped me like Aya's Ark."


I love Aya's Ark


"When Aya's Ark visited me I said I can't play with my friends but I can share their joy. But after Aya's Ark helped me, that changed. When Aya's Ark surprised me with a quick respond with a new wheelchair, I felt like the happiest kid in the world. 

Now I can go outside everyday."

Aya's Ark is the best 

Abdourahman's mom

"Aya's Ark calls us Almost everyday, they kept me updated, I have a very old phone, I don't have internet connection, Aya's ark called me international call. My son never had a wheelchair, there isn't enough words to thank Aya's Ark. Aya's Ark gives happiness to kids before any type of help."

God bless Aya's Ark